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Global Fund Watch has launched its new ESG module

Financial Institutions can now evaluate the ESG approach from a compliance perspective.

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Société Générale Securities Services and MFEX step up their partnership

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Our Services Overview

  1. Unique KYC/AML Questionnaire

  2. Automated Campaigns & Reports

  3. Integrated Screening

  1. ESG Questionnaire Module

  2. Broadcast Custom Inquiries & Statements

  3. Regulatory News

Speed up your business by quickly onboarding new business partners

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The Platform – Premium Access

GFW offers to digitalize your AML & KYC due diligence and processes from data collection to risk reporting and updates.

The agile solution fits any internal processes and organisation.



We offer a built-in solution allowing direct screening and verification of key persons and companies against PEP lists, sanctions lists and adverse media.


Managed Services

GFW provides compliance experts to support your company's compliance needs.

Easy to use

  1. 1. Create

    Complete a unique questionnaire, upload your documents.

  2. 2. Connect

    Select your partners, grow your network.

  3. 3. Share

    Your counterparties perform their due diligence using your shared information.

  4. 4. Perform your Due Diligence

    Access your counterparties profiles, perform your analysis.

  5. 5. Report

    Generate pre-filled compliant reports, quickly access them at any time.

  6. 6. Stay up to date

    Automated follow up of your counterparties updates and keep them notified of any changes you make.

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"Thanks to its extended and growing coverage, GFW has become a key component of MFEX AML/KYC process. We are very happy to keep on developing the relationship between our two entities."

Jean Devambez

Group CEO, MFEX Mutual Funds Exchange AB

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