Digital Compliance services

We simplify and improve duediligence of counterparties

We are developing services together with clients who are working with due diligence on a daily basis.Sign in

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Global Fund Watch – a result of challenging rules

We are offering technology to support your work related to compliance. We:

  • automate compliance tasks of administrative nature
  • offer better data for analysis of compliance risks
  • secure transparent monitoring of the distribution chain

Our initial goal is to offer an efficient solution for due diligence of counterparties.

Digital platform and a mutual standard for questionnaires

The workload related to due diligence of counterparties must be decreased. More or less the same questionnaires are being sent between the parties in a large number of e-mails.

Instead of the above, store a client profile with us and share it with approved readers. Perform due diligence in our platform.

Our client profiles are based on the analysis of hundreds of forms.

We use Global Fund Watch in relation to our clients, currently 800 fund companies and 120 distributors all over the world.

Oliver Lagerström, CEOMFEX Mutual Funds Exchange AB and member of our User Group

Share your ideas with us

We are developing standardized forms, reports and checklists together with clients. Get involved in our user group to influence the content and to access the ideas of others.

Our goal is to excel existing forms in areas related to anti-money laundering and client protection. E.g. MIFID II.

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Transparent monitoring of counterparties

You can monitor all types of counterparties in our platform. E.g. fund companies, IFAs, banks and insurance companies.

We will prove that an active control is performed on a regular basis. The goal is to offer transparent control of the whole distribution chain incl. sub-distribution.

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Solve challenges with annual updates

Global Fund Watch can be used for reporting of information and documents to counterparties on a regular basis.

Reporting such as annual updates by fund companies to portfolio managers for fund selection.

Join our User Group to share your particular needs.

Respond faster to RFPs

Your client profile can be shared with any counterparty if they are defined as an “approved reader”. Send an invite to counterparties and ask them to review requested information in your client profile.

We offer a possibility to add information, which is tailormade for the counterparty in question.

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We use Global Fund Watch for monitoring of sub-distributors and outsourcing partners.

Mikael Tjäder, CEO, Fondab AB(Fondmarknaden) and member of our User Group

Global Fund Watch-Efficient use of compliance resources

  • Faster collection via automation & standardization
  • Centralization and sharing of information and documents
  • Make and document decisions based on due diligence reports
  • Monitor counterparties and perform ongoing due diligence

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